This course is designed for: A professional butcher who currently works with a complete kitchen or is thinking about it for the future.

Prerequisites: 3 years experience as a butcher and HACCP certification

What’s in the course: Academic lessons, Educational Handbook, all materials and ingredients used, AMI customized apron and headband, safety insurance, Final Exam, and Certificate.

Course presentation

Discover the latest sous-vide low-temperature cooking techniques specifically designed for professional butchers. All you have to know about times, temperatures, percentage proportions, and suitable pairings for the most important cuts for scottona, beef, pork, and poultry. How to efficiently use second- and third-cuts cooking techniques.

The only butchery course in Italy designed as per ISO 29990 standard.

Latest street food techniques: offal cooking, pulled pork, braising, sauces, and grilling.

What’s the added value?

★ You test it: all the techniques, recipes, processing is made by you, and you taste them all. The best guarantee: you!
★ 100% practical: you work in the kitchen and in the laboratory, no useless theoretical lesson in class.
★ Small-scale formation: all groups are made up of no more than 5 students for every teacher.

How do you learn

The course programme includes a review of all the cuts, dishes, and techniques performed at the end of each day.
It’s the student that performs every action. The teacher will supervise and explain every step, but the only way to successfully do them is to actually perform everything by yourself.

Read this 4 reasons why this is not a cooking course

★ Recipes aimed at using cheap ingredients, with a high profit ratio for you, designed to avoid any waste.
★ Every topic is meat-related, designed to help you as a butcher.
★ The products you should keep in your take-away display, ready to refresh them in hot water.
★ The most exclusive dishes for fast dinners and events in your butcher shop.

Course Insights


• Introduction to low-temperature cooking
• The secrets of Italian street food (classic panini and take away low-temperature confits)
• Fresh pasta – part 1
• How to avoid buying synthetic ready made marinades and how to make your own wet marinades


• How to profit with American street food, both take away and for events and fast dinners in your butcher shop – part 1
• What you have to know about cold take away preparations
• The 3 fundamental principles to make your own vacuum-packed seasoning
• The most valuable pork: the pulled pork
• Fresh pasta – part 2


• How to profit the most from roasted meat: a technique unknown by competitors
• How to profit with American street food, both take away and for events and fast dinners in your butcher shop – part 2
• Traditional fresh stuffed pasta
• Sous vide cooking of cheap cuts from the forequarters


• Ethnic sauces pairing with cooked preparation in the butcher shop
• How to use the whole chicken with the BBQ technique
• How to sell vegetables in your preparations without mistakes in pairings and cooking
• How you can completely get rid of all your wastage with offals
• How you can sell more ribs than most fast food restaurants


• Affordable fried single-portion preparations
• How to use vegetables scrap cuts for ready-to-eat side dishes
• Why you are losing money with roasted chicken and how to creatively use unsold poultry
• The one and only French preparation you have to know and sell in your butcher shop


• 5 raw meat finger sushi preparations for your butcher shop
• The most famous low-temperature seasoning for take-away
• How to use the leftovers from cheeses and salumi in a renewed classical Italian preparation
• How to transform second cuts into a tagliata
• Final exam
• Graduation

At the end of the course you will receive the
Chef Butcher Certificate

◯ The cost for the Chef Butcher course is € 1,580 (tax included)

★ What’s in the course: Academical lessons, Accademia Macelleria Italiana customized apron and headband, all materials used, tastings, educational learning cards, Final Exam, Certificate, safety insurance.

★ No extra costs (students must pay their own board and lodging).

★ Payment: € 350 deposit at enrolment, € 1230 at the start of the course.

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It accepts major credit card networks (MasterCard – Maestro – Visa – Visa Electron – Amex – Aura – Discover)

The course is structured in 12 modules during 6 consecutive days, or during weekdays, depending on the location

Chef Butcher Course

In Prato you will attend the course intensively from Monday to Saturday in 6 training days.


Start: 20 January 2020 – End: 25 January 2020 from Monday to Saturday

Schedule: from Monday to Saturday 2:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Weekend course
7 and 8 December
14 and 15 December
28 and 29 December

Schedule: Saturday from 3 PM To 9 PM and Sunday from 8:30 AM to 3 PM
Discounted lunch for AMI students at Macelleria Conti for € 5

Chef Butcher Course


Start: 11 November 2019 – End: 16 November 2019

Schedule: from Monday to Saturday 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM
Includes a break for special tastings in Accademia

Weekend course
16 and 17 November
23 and 24 November
30 November and 1 December

Schedule: Saturday from 3 PM to 9 PM and Sunday from 8:30 AM to 3 PM


A course designed as per ISO 29990 standards

★ A completely practical course, without useless lessons. The student work is constantly supervised by the teacher. The student receives written theory lessons so that he can study them outside class hours.
★ The student sign every step of the programme, but only after he can actually execute the technique, or make the recipe, as stated in the programme. Working like this, the student is made self-confident in his certainty as he can check his skill in real time, without any gap in learning.
This is an assurance of real learning.

The course for Hazard analysis and critical control points – HACCP – is mandatory and the students must provide a valid certification. A student without HACCP certification can obtain it during the course, without additional costs. The student will start the HACCP course at the start of the Butcher course.

Professional ACADEMICAL AWARD for the
worthiest students

Accademia Macelleria Italiana, following its purpose to promote and stimulate entrepreneurship in the Italian butchery, to encourage its students in becoming entrepreneurs, established the ACADEMICAL AWARD.

The award is granted to every graduate student that reached a 10/10 mark in the final exam. This special award is a way to inspire graduates toward excellence and toward a high profile professional career.